Being stressed out, feeling depleted, sad or unsure which direction you should take in your life doesn’t mean you suffer from serious illness. The purpose of my supportive sessions is for you to be able to help yourself in such situations. Together, we develop personal solutions which let you see your situation from a different angle and – given the right tools and tips for changing  your future -to develop new, positive perspectives. This will guide you on to the path of a new, happy and fulfilling life. 


Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing method that can positively influence your wellbeing and health by laying on of hands and special symbolic actions.

The term ‘Reiki’ stands for ‘universal life energy’ which means that this healing energy can be transferred on to you during our sessions and, thus activated, it can have a balancing, enhancing effect mentally, emotionally and physically with the aim to harmonize your whole self.


Should you be unable to keep an appointment, please let me know appr. 2 days and no later than 24 hrs before our session. 

I reserve generous time for your session and will not be able to fill the space that would be created due to a short-term cancelation. I am sure you’ll understand.

In case of late cancellation or non-appearance I will have to invoice the fee. (An exception is made in cases of Force Majeur)

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There are times in our life when we are exposed to situations of personal strain and/or occupational stress. Sometimes, this overload can lead to lack of inner balance. A crisis, e.g. due to illness, loss of job or of a loved one, an accident or similar situations, can take away your grib on life. You feel lost, lonely and directionless.

As much as you try, you do not manage to get out of this situation on your own. This can build up fear, anxiety, depression,  lead to a withdrawal from social life, create sleep problems and other unwanted changes which you will notice happening  within yourself.

The range of areas in which I work with you is diverse. In order to offer you the right solution for your situation, I help you see more clearly, find the causes of your stress, and work with you to solve the problem. 


Here below you can learn more about my work philosophy:

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Especially in times when our everyday lives are becoming more and more complex, more and more information is bombarding us or the supposedly “ideal” comparison world is constantly displayed on social media, we need functioning resources to bring about changes that provide more fulfillment and happiness in life.

The path to a fulfilled life can always be challenging. This is often helped by the impetus to look at one’s life from a new perspective.

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